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Paintball Field and Low Ropes Course

We provide two great activities for team building and fun. Our low ropes course has six elements that challenge your group to work together.

Paintball is a great activity for people of all ages (ten and up). Paintball can be played during the day or you can choose to play at night, under our lights. We supply the paintball field and all of the equipment; all you have to provide is players. Strategy and teamwork are the keys to winning, so this is the perfect activity for group bonding.

Paintball is played on an organized field. Two opposing teams compete in a variety of games using CO2 powered paintball markers that shoot biodegradable capsules of paint to tag or eliminate opponents. Capsules break on impact. Games last anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour. You will have a chance to play several games in a session. Experienced officials referee all games.

You can download this form, fill it out, and simply send it in!

2 Responses to Paintball

  • Braedon Vogler

    Hey guys I’ve played out at your field a couple of times back when you had the tournaments and such. I heard you closed down the paintball department and just recently heard it was reopened. Just curious on if this is true or not and what the price for admission would be

    • Joan Dingwerth

      WE will reopen in the Spring. $35 per player. All equipment and 500 balls included. thanks